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Our mission is to educate the web about the importance fresh ingredients have on our health. We have included many tools to help users gain knowledge of their own eating habits. Here are some of the tools brought to you by MyKitchenVault.com

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Personal Profiles:

MyKitchenVault.com users can store their recipes and videos in their own personal profiles. They submit recipes to the recipe contest inside their profile by adding their recipes to the profile.

If you are submitting a recipe to your profile, please note that you should check to see if your ingredients are in our database before submitting the recipe. If you find that your ingredients are not in our database, please feel free to add them yourself. You can do this by becoming a member and adding ingredients to our database the same way you would add your recipe. After this is done, other users will be able to submit recipes with your ingredients. As a member of MyKitchenVault users can upload ingredients to our system, submit recipes to their profile, leave comments on the Food Reviews, and ask questions in the Food Forum.  
Recipe Contest:

MyKitchenVault will be holding a contest each month, paying out cash prizes to the winners. All users need to do to be eligeible is enter their recipes into their personal profile. If you find that our system does not have an ingredient to make your dish, all you have to do is enter the ingredient yourself using our easy-to-use “Add Ingredient” function. All recipes will be judged by the merits below.  

Rating/Judging Recipes:

Users decide who wins the recipe contest. The rating each recipe receives takes into account the following.

  • The rating that users give each recipe
  • How complete the recipe is
  • The amount of times the recipe was viewed

You can check the rankings on the home page. Users are only allowed to count once and we have programs in place to check for fraud.

Ingredient Reviews:

If you would like to write for our Ingredient Review, please contact info@mykitchenvault.com for details. Provide a 300+ writing on the ingredient of your choice. Please read the reviews to get an idea of what we are looking for. All Ingredient Reviews must contain the follow:

  •     Original Content
  •     300+ words in the review
  •     Three Original Recipes (We do understand that your ingredients may be the same as other websites. Make sure that the description and preparation is different. If you copy and paste from other sites, this will be a violation of our policy. 
  •     80% Informative and 20% Blog Style
  •     Your name
  •     If you have written more than one, please add URL’s to your other writings.

If you do not want to write about a specific ingredient, you have the option to write about a food related topic of your choice. If you choose this option, you will need to write at least 600 words. However, we do advise to to write more in order to get listed for more keywords and get more traffic from the search engines.

FAQ for Writers

We do allow you to add links to other websites, but this must be related to your ingredient or your own blog or the website that is receiving our link must add a link to MyKitchenVault.

We reserve the right to change any of the reviews that are sent to us to increase search results, 90% of the time we change the title to make it search engine friendly.

ALL ARTICLES MUST USE KEYWORDS USING THE GOOGLE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL. To get more information about how to use this tool, visit FAQ for Writers


If you would like to contact us for advertising, please contact Richnorwood35@yahoo.com

Would you like to link your website to MyKitchenVault?

We would love to get links from any website and we do allow links to qualified websites that are food related. If you would like to get a link from MKV, contact Rich Norwood at the link above.

If you want to link to MKV, feel free to link to as many pages as you wish.
If you have your own website and would like us to link to you, please contact Rich at the email above.

Did someone use your content on MyKitchenVault?

If you believe that a user has unlawfully taken a recipe from your website and you would like to have us take the recipe off our website, contact Richnorwood35@yahoo.com and provide the following:

  • Which website do you represent?
  • The name of the user that you feel has violated your copyrighted property
  • The title and description of the recipe
  • A link to your website where the recipe is located
  • Would you like us to take the recipe down or would you like us to link to your website?

We believe fully that information should be protected and we will take down any content that violates your copyright.

Any user that takes recipes from other websites and uses them as their own on Mykitchenvault.com will be blacklisted, however we do understand that there are many ingredients and many ways to use these ingredients in recipes. If your ingredients or title happen to be the same, but your instructions on how to cook and prepare the dish is different, you will not be in violation of our strict copyright protection policy and we will not take your content off the website.

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